I noticed you offer Certain Layouts. Can these be customized?

The layouts we offer are tried and true, so we only offer minor, non-structural changes. 

What Options can be customized?

You will see the customization options we offer in our online quote form. Further customizations to this is not something we offer.

How much do these homes cost?

The tiny homes vary depending on the size you choose! Please fill out our online quote form for a detailed price, or contact us for more details!

What if I want an unfinished Tiny House (Shell build)?

We do not offer any shell/unfinished homes.

Do you sell the building plans for your models?

No, we do not sell our floor plans. This is something we may look into in the future, but for now we are concentrating primarily on building quality tiny homes.

What sizes of tiny homes do you offer?

Bumper Pull Trailers: 24ft, 26ft, 30ft and 34ft Lengths

Gooseneck Trailers: 38ft and 41ft Lengths

Can I spec my tiny home to have a shed style roof instead of a peaked roof?

Yes. There is no added cost for this.

I noticed Fraserway RV is now selling Mint Tiny House RV’s. What does this mean?

Yes, Fraserway RV is now an exclusive dealer for two of our Tiny House RV models, the 26ft Aero Edition and the 34ft Extended Napa Edition!

This means that you can now purchase a tiny house straight from Fraserway RV, one of Canada’s largest RV dealers! Contact Fraserway RV Directly to discuss your options! Fraserway RV are signing officers for the most progressive Canadian banks and financial institutions, which means they can also help to get you financing on your tiny house, with competitive rates/terms!

How Do I get Started?

Step 1. Fill out our Online quote form or Contact us Today. We will have you complete our New Client Intake Form. This will give us further information on your needs for your Tiny House RV.

Step 2. We will match you with a layout and estimate that suits your needs. Once this is approved by you, its now time to apply for financing (if applicable)

Step 3. Get your finances in order. This is the stage where you will want to get your financing approved.

Step 4. Pay your retainer to reserve your build/completion slot!

Step 5. Finalize colour choices, and Sign the contract specifying your specs!

How long is the build time frame?

The lead time for a Tiny House RV is 8 weeks. We will do our best to have your build begin as soon as possible, however this does depend entirely on the amount of builds that we have on the go. We typically are placing order 6-7 months in advance to when the build will be completed.

Where are you located?

We are based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We ship all across the USA and Canada!

Can I visit your workshop/Office?

Yes, however this is done by appointment only Monday – Fridays after 4:30pm. Please contact us for availability! Due to safety in our workshop we do not accept any unscheduled/drop in visits.

Does Mint Tiny House Company offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year warranty on all structural and material defects for your tiny home! The trailer is covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and the roof has a 40 year manufacturers warranty.

What is the payment process?

Once you have secured your land, gotten pre-approved for financing by your lender (if required), are happy with your estimate, and agree on a rough layout for your build, you can now secure your completion date!

For this, we require a $25,000 CAD non-refundable retainer (this amount will be put towards your first payment of the home). This retainer is deducted off of your initial 1/3rd payment, which is due 1 week before construction starts. The payment is as follows:

$25,000 Retainer upfront to hold completion time frame

1/3rd payment before we begin building (minus the retainer amount)

1/3rd payment once exterior framing, siding and windows are complete

1/3rd payment once the tiny home is finished, prior to delivery

Your Mint Tiny Home must be paid in full prior to pick up or delivery.


I am from the USA, can I still buy a Mint Tiny House RV?

Absolutely! We can use a third party delivery company to bring your Tiny House RV to you; no matter where you are in Canada and the USA.

Do you deliver to the USA?

Yes, we do! In fact our homes can be delivered anywhere across Canada and the United States. There is a $700 border documentation fee for import of the tiny home through customs.

Do I have to pay the $700 border documentation fee?

The fee is for a broker to import the tiny home into the USA. They ensure all the paperwork ahead of time, and arrange for smooth sailing through the customs import process. This fee is mandatory if we are arranging delivery for you. If you are transporting the tiny home across the border yourself, you are more than welcome to waive the fee and arrange the paperwork yourselves.

Is there any duty to be paid on the tiny home going to the USA?

No, however your local State may require that you pay Usage tax on the value of the tiny house RV. This is done with your local road insurance company, and the amount of tax due is based on your local State’s Usage tax rate.

How does pricing work for US buyers

Quite simple, all our prices are in Canadian dollars, so the price is fixed purely on the exchange rate at point of purchase/payment.

Do I need to prep my site?

Yes, we recommend either a concrete pad or a gravel pad (graded and levelled).

I found a great site, but it has no septic or power. Do you build homes for off-grid living?

We do not install any solar, however we can design the tiny home to be off-grid ready, complete with propane heating, composting toilet, 12V lighting, propane appliances, etc.

Where can I park the Tiny House RV?

All of our tiny homes are certified as Recreational Vehicles (RVIA NFPA 1192 and CSA Standard Z240 RV) therefore in most areas they fall under the same category as any other RV when you are looking for a place to park. In this regard, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be aware of any bylaws that may effect your location.

If I am not going off-grid, what hookups will I need on site?

All our standard base models are equipped for electricity on site. We recommend you have 50A available to the home if possible!

Each home comes standard with a 3” RV grey water and black water hookup, which will give you the option of hooking the home into septic/sewer. The water connection is hooked up with a simple garden hose connection! We can supply you with a 50A Power cord (20ft), as well as the necessary sewer hookups and water hose so that you are ready to hook into services as soon as the tiny house RV is delivered to you!

What hookups do I need on site?

All of our standard base models are all equipped for electricity on site. They all come standard with 3 inch RV grey water and black water hookups, which give you the option of hooking them up to any septic/sewer on site. The water is hooked up via garden hose connection.

Is my tiny home equipped for cold winters?

We insulate all our tiny homes using closed cell foam for the walls and roof for the rigidity and R-value, and rigid insulation in the floors. This gives you an R-value of R21.

Still got questions? Contact us today!