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Don’t get caught out in the Winter Elements without being prepared. Download our Winter Guide for tips and recommendations on Winter Climates in a Tiny House RV


A guide on what you will need to do to have the tiny house registered and insured in your name!
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Plan for your tiny house with our Site- Services Guide! This covers the on-site services that you must consider before going Tiny!


Discover the perfect spot for your dream tiny house. Download our land rental guide for valuable insights, templates and checklist!


From exploring alternative lending options to understanding mortgage considerations, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tiny House RVs

A tiny house by definition, is a traditional style house (using 2×4 wood construction) that is manufactured directly onto a trailer chassis. It is manufactured to remain permanently on the trailer. It is for this reason, that it does not qualify as a permanent structure on land, and it is certified to RV or Park model standards. Due to the fact that a tiny house is not a permanent structure, it does not qualify for most local building codes, and thus does also not require building permits. A Tiny House, certified as an RV or Park model, can be parked anywhere that will allow a Recreational Vehicle (RV) to be parked.

It is important to consider that every township has its own zoning bylaws for each area, so although we can guide you through the process of finding land, you still will need to look at your local area in detail and discern if that area is a good fit for your tiny house, and yourself. It is also up to you to ensure that you are happy to comply with the local bylaws. We do not take any responsibility for clients purchasing or renting land on areas that are not permitted. 

We manufacture each structure directly on a trailer chassis. Each tiny house we manufacture is certified as a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or Park Model. We adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure your tiny house RV is top quality! With regular inspections by both Intertek and RVIA, you can be sure our product is being built to the highest standard.

Canadian RV standards: CSA Z240 RV (RV’s) & CSA Z241 (Park Models)

USA RV standards: NFPA 1192 (RV’s) & ANSI A1195 (Park Models)

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