Based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, Mint Tiny House Company has been manufacturing Tiny House RV’s and Park models since early 2014. Mint has since grown to become one of the largest Tiny House manufacturers in the Northwest, shipping tiny house RVs and Park Models all across the USA and Canada!

Why Choose Us

At Mint we have been able to create the cozy feeling of home, while harnessing the benefits of a travel trailer. Each Tiny house RV is fully equipped with a spacious kitchen and high-end appliances so that while owners are living small, their appetites won’t have to. 

We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and helping others to do the same. We look forward to working with you to help you make your dreams of Tiny house ownership come true.
Our Values & Principles
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Recognition
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Quality
  • Stewardship
  • Safety
  • Innovation


It’s not a surprise anymore, climate change and struggling economies have been issues at the forefront of media and global concern for a long time. Out of necessity, the tiny home movement was born, as many people consider building tiny homes as a way to address issues of both financial and environmental impact. 

The Tiny House RV can offer so many options to people in many different walks of life, as well as many different climates! 


From the very first phone call I knew I had found the builder that was going to make my tiny house dreams come true. I hadn’t even found a spot to park yet but Shannon worked with me on numerous floor plans and kept telling me “you will find a spot” and she was right, I found a spot and we got to work. No question went unanswered, no design idea was undoable. It was a stress free build for me – and I was across the country!

The communication was fantastic throughout the whole build. And the weekly pictures made me feel like I was there! Brian, Shannon and their crew are absolutely the best at what they do. The crew I had assembled for when my house arrived were amazed at the workmanship and how well everything was done from the trailer to the interior to the insulation underneath and the skirting.

If you are looking for a builder for your Tiny….these are the people you want to build it.

Tina Main
Ontario, Canada

We love our tiny house! We’ve lived in our tiny house for two months and couldn’t be happier. Brian, Shannon, and the team from Tiny Homes Limited built us an amazing home. We just love our French doors, bar table, glass shower door, and skylight (star gazing from your own home/bed is priceless).
From the moment we met Brian and Shannon we felt like our ideas and soon-to-be home were in excellent hands. They listened to every word of our custom design hopes and plans. They made suggestions, added insight, and dreamt with us to create our little dream home within our budget.
Every building process has its hiccups – especially when a home is being built in just weeks, but each time I had a question or concern Shannon and Brian answered it promptly or even let me drop by to see where we were at. I loved being able to see my build both via pictures they sent and in person.
I was so excited the day that we picked up our tiny house! Brian walked us through each inch and showed us how to use everything in the tiny house.
After living two months in a tiny house I’ve definitely learned that every square inch matters. One of the reasons is: you notice everything in a tiny house because you can always see everything. The tiniest scratch, color difference, or out of place dish makes a big impact on the eyes and mind. For this reason, you want to have amazing builders who pay attention to your wants and make a quality home.

We love tiny living!

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Shantel and Nathan Wahl
Squamish, Canada

I could never say enough positive things about this company. It has been a delight dealing with them from start to finish. I found Brian to be exceptionally patient, flexible and supportive throughout the design and build of my custom home. All members of the building crew are very professional in their work, but they also manage to maintain a genuine openness to their customers ideas and concerns. My questions were always answered quickly and thoroughly, and while I was working overseas, they sent regular pictures and updates about the build. I love my tiny home, and I recommend this company very highly to anyone who is contemplating building a tiny house.

Danielle McArthur
Vancouver Island, Canada

I had first seen tiny houses on social media, and fell in love. After looking at countless tiny house companies, I found Tiny Living. (Lucky me!) Brian was so helpful when I started the buying process, asking me all these questions to make sure everything turned out exactly how I wanted it. As it was being built I was sent many updates with pictures of the progress. I was surprised at how fast it got completed, especially for the amazing quality and quantity of the work. I couldn’t speak higher of Tiny Living, I’d recommend them to everyone looking for a tiny home.

Megan Whitaker
Virginia, USA

My partner Jeremy and I have been talking about tiny homes for two years, and the plan was always that we would build it ourselves. This Fall we went on a road trip from Ontario to British Columbia, and my mom sent me a link to Brian’s website. On a whim, we decided to have a look at one of Brian’s homes and we immediately fell in love with the layout and craftsmanship. Not being too handy ourselves, we decided to leave the construction of our home to the professional, and we’re so glad we did. Brian was amazing to work with during the building phase, and really open to our ideas. The quality of construction is incredible, and it’s clear that Brian and his team put a lot of thought into the details of our home to make sure it functioned well for us. We’ve been living in our house for over a month now, and have been thoroughly impressed with the way Brian anticipated our needs. Little details, like the Lazy Susan in the corner cabinet and the storage loft above the door, are what make this house work for us. Knowing that the winter in Kenora can get to -40°C, we both feel that our house will be able to keep us warm and happy.

Thanks Brian!

Madelaine Kennedy
Ontario, Canada

I recently enjoyed an overnight stay in one of the Tiny Houses designed and built by Mint Tiny Homes. I must state I am very impressed by the high degree of Professional Design and Engineering incorporated into what I observed. With kindness, this manufactured product built by Mint Tiny Homes is certainly worthy of my recommendation.

Thank you

Duke of Metchosin
Vancouver Island, Canada

Our dreams of owning a tiny home became a reality because of the work of Shannon + Brian. As a newly engaged couple, with a bit more on our plate than we had anticipated, the crew at Mint helped every step of the way. We were able to customize everything that we had on our list and Shannon + Brian gave great insight into what would work best for our lifestyle. Once the home arrived here in Montana, we were overly excited and amazed with the final product. Even after the home arrived, Shannon + Brian answered emails and phone calls promptly in order to help us set up appliances and prepare for the winter months ahead. It is obvious the passion that these two have for their homes and we are forever thankful to be a part of the Mint community. Thank you!

Liv & Kirby
Montana, USA

The house is amazing! It’s truly perfect. The amount of time you all spent designing, planning and adjusting with my concerns and needs was the icing on the cake. Your patience and strong communication throughout the process was appreciated beyond what I could convey. I sold a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, modern, quality home to have this house built. I can honestly say I have NO regrets and feel I’ve lost nothing in the transition (except a garage!) Instead, I now have high-end appointments like instant water (the Truma Aquago is AMAZING, keep that system for all your builds, please!) and comfort knowing my home is owned and it’s been built to last for many, many years. From the flashing on all the horizontal planes on the exterior to the enclosure for the DC system and water heater, at every corner it’s obvious you all spared no effort or expense in building a quality, refined and well-appointed dwelling. I’m really happy with my current life situation, but I’m also SO glad I chose you as my builder. You’ll undoubtedly be the premier tiny house builder for the North American market for the foreseeable future. Even though you’ve been in business for many years, I feel like I’m an early adopter of the best tiny house builder out there. Thank you so much for such a great experience.

Noah Perry
California, USA

We knew we had found the right builder for our tiny home when during our first tour we found the owner Brian, hard at work polishing and cleaning some of his newly completed homes. He had sweat on his brow, working hard, making sure everything was perfect for his lucky customer’s delivery. We could tell instantly that he takes price in his work…and why should he? The quality of the homes we toured that first day amazed us. Every home spoke “well built” to us, and the show room reflected a very well organized production operation. We knew we were going to buy our home from Mint that night, and we knew we would be well taken care of. Kirsten was the first person we spoke with to inquire about the process of having a house built. She returned our email immediately, answering all our questions promptly. her knowledge of the process was comforting. When the time came, we then were placed in Connor’s capable hands. He helped us with design concept, from start to finish. Pointing out good ideas during the tour. He made some really great recommendations… which we followed, thanks goodness because his ideas later proved to be right on point. Very nice young man, always replied quickly to our emails, we felt good about giving him a deposit to start the project. Once we were committed, we then started working with Shannon, Brian’s wife. We knew we were in very good hands, as a couple of times she had anticipated our questions and had samples out before we even asked. Not just any samples either, she made good choices based on our tastes. Shannon helped us with all the fine tuning, all the very important details to bring the whole build together. We felt like we could rely on her. During the process we changed our minds on some of the features we had picked out. Shannon was absolutely wonderful about the changes. She was very easy-going. In fact, everyone treated us as if we were their only customer, and like we were a family. We received photo updates every week on Friday. They never missed once. We were so impressed we asked them to build us a tiny shed as well. They brought our ideas to life, we could not be more happy about how everything turned out. Not only that, there were no surprises at the end. The price was the price, exactly what we expected. We recommend this company 10,000 percent. Not o nly are they talented and efficient, they are just really nice people. We absolutely adore them. Mint is the only company we would recommend… they should have their own show on HGTV!
Happy Tiny Home owners 2019

Michael & Gina
Osoyoos, Canada